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Plants vs. Zombies
Reviewed By: Persephone977 (11/12/2009 5:21:33 PM)
Overall Rating: 4.00 zombies and peashooters
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Customization: Immersion:  Difficulty: 
Review: This is a great game with a simple premise. You plant flowers like peashooters and wallnuts to stop the zombies from getting across your yard and eating your brains. As you progress through the game, there are more kinds of plants to defend your house, and more kinds of zombies to protect it from.

Minigames and puzzles add to the playability of the this game, but it is pretty addictive just in the adventure portion. Completing the game opens up new minigames and additional puzzles, as well as a new zen garden feature.

This is a game that is fun for everyone--casual gamers will appreciate that it can be picked up and played for an hour here or there, while more hardcore gamers will enjoy the strategy required to complete the various levels. The minimal cartoon violence and humor attached to this game makes it suitable for most ages as well. This is a fun game!

Playing Advice: Be sure to plan your strategy to incorporate both offense and defense. It is wise to have at least a row of sun-producing plants. Sometimes a particularly difficult area will be doable after a break.

Iron Fingers of Death
Reviewed By: Persephone977 (10/20/2009 5:39:48 PM)
Rating: 4.00 Kicks to the Head
Genre: Kung Fu
Starring: 3 Holy Fools, 2 Shaolin Princes, 1 Evil Dude
Plot: Funny Kung Fu flick about kung fu, beating the bad guy, and 3 holy fools who aren't allowed to leave their house. Much hilarity ensues, with added blood and gore for flavor. This is a very fun kung fu movie to watch, of the cheesy 70s variety. It includes mythical martial arts sword styles too.
The 3 holy fools are classic slapstick--like 3 stooges as kick butt martial artists. Their student proves his worth by surviving them and beating up the bad guys in spectacular style. A short side plot involves a possessing spirit being exorcised. Watching it you get an idea where some of the anime stereotypes came from.

Viewing Advice: Be prepared for funny cheese, nonsense cut scenes, and wire fu. Do not expect mouths to move in time with words. Look out for the funky special effects and weird swords with special powers.