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"I like the night, I like to boogey."

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Land of the Dead
Reviewed By: LJ (10/14/2009 12:00:00 AM)
Rating: 0.00 Boom! Headshot!
Genre: Zombie Movie
Starring: John Lequizamo, Dennis Hopper
Plot: George A. Romero tries to make a movie after a period of inaction, and wastes the time and money of the audience. The main character has no back story and doesn't want to hear about any of the other character's histories. For some reason people are following a worthless Dennis Hopper, and still spending cash money way into the zombie apocalypse. The smartest characters are a mentally handicapped sidekick, and John Lequizamo. Lot's of jump cuts where characters walk into an empty room, and the next shot has them surrounded by zombies. It ends with George trying to make us sympathize with walking corpses that eat anyone and everyone they see. Oh yeah, they developed skills to use guns and other complicated tools.
Viewing Advice: Run to the hills, run for your liiiiiife.
I like the night, I like to boogey.