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Super Abilities

WARNING: These characters are an optional RCC. They should be used sparingly. These guys would be on par with Cosmo-Knights, Splugorth, etc. So be careful or you could find that your game balance is history. Click here for more normal super abilities if this seems to be too much

The Mega Hero option in the Revised Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition, while it was more powerful than a standard character, just didn't seem to match up to those really, really powerful characters you see everywhere in comics these days. So I decided to post this new class of superbeing.

COSMIC BEINGS: The ultra version of aliens, mutants, and maybe even experiments


Cosmic beings are to superheroes what superheroes are to mortals. The cosmic being has powers greater than those of a mutant, or else has more powers.

Cosmic beings can be ancient alien beings, some sort of "super-mutant", or something else entirely, but they all have one thing in common: power.

All cosmic beings possess the following powers/properties:

Cosmic beings have 11 + 1D4 SPP (Super Power Points) worth of powers. These abilities can be basic super abilities or cosmic abilities. Use the chart below to "purchase" these powers:

Minor Cosmic Abilities:

Advanced Attribute: Any attribute (except PS), is raised to 30 + 3D6. If the attribute was originally above 30, then just add the 3D6

Bio Regeneration (Superior): Restores 2D6 SDC/HP/MDC per melee

Cosmic Aura: This ability allows the character to show off how powerful he is. A combination of a mighty glow and a truly stupendous aura which can be seen even by the "mind-blind". The aura is so powerful that anyone using See Aura who looks upon the character will take 1D6 damage directly to hit points and be unable to use psionic powers for 1D4 melees. Other bonuses are a Horror Factor of 19, +3D6 to P.B. and M.A., and any deception, sleight-of-hand, or interrogation skills are automatically successful against an opponent who fails a saving throw vs. psionics. This power also functions as an automatic Hypnotic Suggestion-type power.

Cosmic Energy Expulsion: Damage 5D6 + 2D6 damage per level. Range: 1,200' (5,000' in space)

Cosmic Prowess: All strike, dodge, parry, roll, etc. rolls are changed from 1D20 to 14 + 1D6. Other bonuses do apply.

Cosmic Vision: The character's vision is unnaturally keen. In an atmosphere, he can reed a street sign from 5 miles away. In space, he can read a shuttlecraft's registry numbers from 2 light years away. This hyperkeen vision requires focusing, and can only be applied to a small region of space. The character will have to "zoom in" by increments to see a specific object at that magnifiation. Also, the character cannot be engaged in another activity which requires exertion or sight (combat is absolutely out)

HyperSonic Flight: Character starts at mach 1. Gains one mach level per odd level of experience. At level one, use the Sonic Speed bonuses. Add one half the standard Sonic Flight bonuses every fourth level. Add one APM every fifth level. Character is also impervious to pressure and vacuum, and does not need to breathe

Inhabitation: This ability gives the cosmic being all of the abilities of the Possession/Transferral power from HU, but it adds a little bonus: The cosmic being actually physically enters the body of the victim. The cosmic being can also use his own powers to a point while inhabiting another's body. Any energy, psi, magic, or mental-manipulation type power will work flawlessly. Powers dependant upon external physical structure (such as multiple limbs and winged flight) cannot be used. Powers dependant upon internal or cellular biology such as healing facter, invulnerability, and shape change can be used. If the possessor has more of an attribute, HP, SDC, etc. then the average of the two scores is used (ie: A cosmic being with 50 PS possess a mortal with 12 PS. This combination would give the being 31 PS for the duration of the habitation). Also, if an MDC being inhabits an SDC being, then that person temporarily becomes an MDC being (with 1/2 the MDC of the cosmic being)
It is possible to save vs. this attack (use a save vs.magic circle/ritual). There are also some characters who would be immune to this power, such as robots, cyborgs with more than 90% conversion, energy beings, greater demons, gods, and similar beings. Any victim of this power gets a saving throw every day with a cumulative bonus of +1 per day of inhabitation. When the victim does finally save, the cosmic being is forcefully ejected from the host body and both take 6D6 damage.

Ultra P.S.: Raise PS to 40 + 3D6. Character can carry 500 x P.S. lbs.and lift 1,000 x PS lb. Other bonuses: +3D4x10 SDC, fatigues at 1/2 the normal rate of a cosmic being

Major Cosmic Abilities

Alter Physical Structure: Chi/I.S.P./P.P.E.: This ability allows the character to become a poure source of any one of these energies. Each point of SDC or HP is converted to 2 points of this energy. While in this form, the character assumes a form similar to (those using See Aura or Chi Awareness will mistake it as such) an astral projection user. While in this form, the character can enter any being (including gods, demons and other cosmic beings) who uses that energy and become a backup battery. Energy can be drawn from the cosmic beings as long as he wills to make it available, but only so long as the total damage capacity of the cosmic being is at least 1/2.

Alter Physical Structure: Super Metal: This is one of those great super metals like Marvel Comics' Adamantium, that is nigh invulnerable. While in this state, the character has an A.R. of 19. SDC is raised by 1,400, and the first 20 damage of any attack is not counted. PS is increased by 4D6 + 1D4 per odd level while in the metal form.

Dimensional Teleport: Same as the Teleport power, except this one applies to other dimensions (must be within the standard range from that exact location in the other dimension. If this ability is used in a single dimension, then range is increased tenfold. The being cannot telport to a dimension he has not been to.

Hyperspace: The character can enter hyperspace just like a starship. Use whatever restrictions/penalties/rules you use for starship hyperdrives (can't jump too close to a gravity well, etc.). The character will be able to traverse 5 light years + one light year per level for every hour spent in hyperspace. If no flight power is possessed, then the character will be able to fly at Mach 1, but only straight up (antigravity repulsion)

Mega-Growth: This ability allows a character to grow 10 feet per P.E. point. Use standard Growth power bonuses. This vast size is only possible in space. On a planet, the character has the more traditional Growth power (but can grow to a maximum height one and a half times as tall as that afforded by the standard growth power).

Reincarnation: The character cannot be permanently killed. If he is destroyed, his life essense will reemerge somewhere else (must be someplace the being has visited). The life essense will be reborn as a normal representative of the dominant intelligent race of that world. Upon reaching maturity, strange dreams will trouble this being until he remembers his history and regains his powers (usually 2D4 days). These characters can only really be killed in the 2-4 day period just before reawakening their powers. If they die at any other time, they will just pop up elsewhere. The new form will use the standard attributes of that race to start, and add bonuses from cosmic powers (the same ones as the last life). The new form will also start at level 1, even if the past life was level 15. NOTE: The character will return, but it can take several years (a human won't manifest until late teens to early twenties), so, unless you are in a long-range game or the GM is allowing time travel, the character is probably out of the campaign.

Special Cosmic Abilities

SuperNatural Metamorphosis (Greater): This allows the character to metamorphos into a god, demon, lesser elemental elemental or some other powerful supernatural entity. This ability only allows the metamorphosis into one particalar type of being. All other abilities are present in both forms. SPP Cost: 10

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Rifts is a registered trademark owned by Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books. Heroes Unlimited, Mega Damage, S.D.C., P.P.E., I.S.P., O.C.C., R.C.C., Cosmo-Knights, Splugorth, Mega Heroes are registered trademarks of Kevin Siembieda and Palladium Books. Also, many of the powers on this site are hopped-up derivatives of powers oringally found in Palladium RPG books, such as Heroes Unlimited

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