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Software: One of My hobbies is programming, here are some of the projects I created.
Superhero Art: I found a whole bunch of old pics I drew in high school and college and I finally have a scanner that does good line art (well, I had the scanner for a while I just never got around to hooking it up). LexMark rules! And so do these pics! :)
2 hours Away: My new Heroes Unlimited campaign. Just 2 hours out from Century Station
J-FORCE!: New Christian toy line. An alternative to all those heathen robot and mutant toy lines!
New OCC/RCC Classes: For Heroes Unlimited and Rifts
New World Settings: Also for Heroes Unlimited and Rifts
New Super Abilites for Heroes Unlimited
Questionable Super Abilities: Use carefully
Ultra Heroes: If you don't think mega heroes are tough enough, click here
New Bionics and Robotics for Heroes Unlimited and Transformable Robots and now, Super-Technology
Rikonian Project Guide: Rikonian computer and audio projects that you can do!
MSH Saga Rules Dice Conversion: Now you can play the new Marvel Super Heroes game without the hassle of shuffling!
Hosted Material from FlashFighter: Cool stuff from the FlashFighter

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Regular updates: Rikonian's Unnamed Comic updated every Monday and Friday. Rikonian Superhero Stories updated the first of every month.

08/23/2000: Hey, I have a FAQ page. I wasn't gonna do this, but, if my slacker buddy Proteus454 gets one, I guess it'd be bad form for me not to :p

08/01/2000: Wow, the sacrifices I make for you, my loyal readers! I watched Full Eclipse, which was kidna cool, but I also sat through Solo (which wasn't too bad, but still kinda sucked) and Universal SOldier II (Yes, they made a 2! And I think they made a 3). Anyway, go check my film review page for the reviews. It just might save your life.

07/28/2000: I added a new non-RPG feature to the site. It's the Rikonian Project Page, a cool page where I tell you how to do some cool stuff. Check out the first project: Creating audiotape overdubs. I think you'll like it.

07/16/2000: I hope you've been keeping up with the online comic. It's got over 25 strips so far. I have recently added a new rules variant that lets you use point based enhancement with Heroes Unlimited and a superhero story page (updated the first of every month). And tonight I am uploading 7 new images to my scifi image galery page

05/05/2000-05/06/2000: I added an unnamed online comic to the site. There are currently two strips up and I plan to update this weekly.

05/05/2000: I added a couple psi powers to super power page

05/04/2000: I added a shitload of reviews to my film review page

04/08/2000: I added a review for the Silencers and a review of the 13th Warrior (rev.d by Proteus454) to my film review page

12/28-1998-04/07/2000: I did a bunch of stuff

12/27/1998: I have a new logo graphic, thanks to Stormax. If you have a Heroes site, check out his Heroes Alliance WebRing page.

12/13/1998: Now that the semester's over, I'm gonna do a major major revamp of my site. Look for a better links page, more content, a little imported Java and maybe some Java stuff of my own. BTW: If you like that galaxy Java, then click it. It should take you to the AnfyJava homepage.

11/26/1998: I added two new minor powers to my Super Abilities Page. They are Super Vision: Scanning Sight and Vocal Mimicry

11/2/1998: I finally got around to tracking down URLs for the fonts on my page and have set up my font download page where you can link directly to the download files. Also, if you have not already done so, check out my Exiled Psionic PCC. I added Extraordinary I.Q. to my powers section.
I am also at work on an improved VRML site base loosely on ancient Greco-Roman architecture. If you want to view my somewhat mediocre first attempt at VRML 20, then check out my
VRML building (You must be able to view frames for this to work)

10/23/1998: I decided to start having a site news section on my RPG page. In other news, I cancelled my AOL chat RPG until further notice (In the more than half a year it was set up, I only had about eight sessions)

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