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Realm of Rikonia
Rikonius' Untitled Webcomic Relaunch
Warning: These comics will sometimes (often if you're lucky) feature nudity, sex, violence, profanity, and other cool stuff.
If this was a movie, it'd be rated R. If it was a pirate movie, it'd still be rated R because the MPAA doesn't use that sort of joke.
Go To Hell SingJune 24, 2011
Tags: injurypowersrobotSallytransformervampireVan Helsing
Van Helsing's RetreatJune 28, 2011
Tags: injuryrobotRoss FaeonteleporttransformervampireVan Helsing
Riko.WebJuly 05, 2011
Tags: injuryinternetmusicparodySpider-Man
Site FeaturesJuly 15, 2011
Tags: asplodeBillyinjuryLindametaNSFWpervyTed
Is This Ryleh a Good Idea?July 22, 2011
Tags: bloodCthulhucute nonhumaneye carumba!grossinjuryLucindamagicpowersviolence
The Power of the Son of LokiJuly 26, 2011
Tags: asplodeinjuryLindapowersTedviolence
Disaster Recovery August 08, 2011
Tags: dreamseye carumba!injuryJim CramerLouis C.K.Riko rampageTVU-Verseviolence
Mr. CthSuluAugust 12, 2011
Tags: costumeCthulhuinjurymonsterparodypowersRiko's a good friendsevered headStar TrekTedviolence
Zombie WalkAugust 23, 2011
Tags: asplodebraindeathgunsinjuryLindamonstersTedzombie
Mr. Cerebellum HeadAugust 26, 2011
Tags: braininjurypowersTed
Meeting of the MindsAugust 30, 2011
Tags: braininjurylizardpowersTed
Ted's Brain Goes InSeptember 02, 2011
Tags: braindeathinjurypowersRiko's a good friendTedtrapviolence
1000 Ways To Die @ the Hands of a Crazy CyborgSeptember 13, 2011
Tags: deathDeus ExinjuryparodyTVvideo gamesviolence
LassoOctober 11, 2011
Tags: bloodcomicscostumeeye carumba!grossinjuryLindapowersTedWonder Woman
Arm BoneOctober 25, 2011
Tags: AegirbloodgodsinjuryLindaNSFWnuditypervySirenTed
Escape CalamartistsNovember 11, 2011
Tags: injuryLindapowersTedviolence
Ow! My hit points!December 23, 2011
Tags: injuryLindapowersRiko's a good friendshinigamiviolence
LEGO HeadFebruary 17, 2012
Tags: bloodbrainsdeathDispyinjuryLegoLucinda
War of Pranks!March 30, 2012
Tags: bloodinjurymagicmoviespranksRiko's a good friendTedvampireviolence
Game of ThronadsJune 01, 2012
Tags: advertsbloodCraig FergusonGame of ThronesinjuryparodyrobotTV
Don't Worry. We Have A SpareJune 15, 2012
Tags: alternate universedeathdoppelgangerinjuryLucindaStar TrekStargateTedtropesTVVan Helsing
Ted TalksJune 22, 2012
Tags: alternate universedoppelgangerinjurypowersTed
Riko Vs. RikoJune 29, 2012
Tags: alternate universedoppelgangerhand to handinjury
InvisiBullshitJuly 20, 2012
Tags: alternate universeinjuryviolence
Let's Burn RubberAugust 17, 2012
Tags: alternate universecostumeeye carumba!injurypowers
Theo vs. Alternate LindaNovember 23, 2012
Tags: bloodblood hosesgrossinjuryLind-BLindaTheoviolence
There's Something About LindaNovember 30, 2012
Tags: injuryLind-BLindaNSFWpervypowersTheo
Disarmed DroneOctober 25, 2013
Tags: asplodeFIFIinjuryrobotVan Helsingviolence
Nosferat-Ouch!November 22, 2013
Tags: Dr. WhoinjuryNocifer-AutoVan Helsingviolence

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